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Bee Good Natural Skincare Products

Wholesale Skincare Products

If you're looking to offer your customers more choice, we have a great skincare and body range to help boost retail sales.

Our Pitch

We are a small, British skincare company based in Hampshire. Our price point tends to be lower than high-end salon brands, and we are competitively priced when it comes to natural skincare products. As well as skincare, we also offer other products around body and self-care, including body and bathtimes.

As a business, we may be small, but we have a big conscience. When it comes to what we do and how we do it, we think in terms of our impact on the planet and invest in the things that encourage sustainability.

  • Our ingredients are natural and sourced in the UK.
  • Our bee ingredients are selected from trusted suppliers who understand the importance bees play in their local ecosystem.
  • Our packaging is evolving fast to become as recyclable as we can get it.
  • Our business model is designed for investment and marketing.

Market – 40+ women and enviromentally-minded individuals

Although our natural skincare range is designed for all skin types and all ages, we know that the ingredients we use (see the next page) help combat skincare issues usually associated with aging skin, including menopausal skin. In a recent customer survey (January 2023), 83% of the people who answered were over 45.

78% of our customers use our products because they are effective while using natural ingredients.

  • Competitive price point for the quality of product.
  • Effective skincare results.
  • Great products for ageing and menopausal skin issues.
  • Natural ingredients – great for sensitive skin.
  • Ethical – we care about the way we do business.
  • Attractive proposition for older customers (45-65)


To kick start our relationship, we have a great introductory offer on our four core skincare products that offers you £434 profit on an outlay of just £186.00.

£434 profit margin and a huge return of 233%!

Bee Good Skincare Wholesale Products

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