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Bee Good Natural Skincare Products
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Packaging & Sustainability

Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is vital to the future of both bees and the health of our planet. We are proud to be part of the circular economy, using oils extracted from the seeds left over from the Black Currant & Raspberry fruits used in the beverage industry. The exfoliating particles used in our exfoliator are milled Lavender flowers left over from the extraction of Lavender oil from a family farm in Hampshire.

As an ethically conscious business, we are determined to keep our potential environmental impact to a minimum. Our products are 98.9% natural and we manufacture in England, so are keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. Our ingredients are nearly all sourced from within the UK and we source and supply honey, beeswax and propolis from our own bees and those of other bee farmers we trust and support.

Our Packaging

We have been moving to the use of recycled plastics (PCR) for our tubes which are themselves recyclable. This already applies to the majority of our product range and should be complete by the end of 2021.

Our products are dispatched in boxes made of recycled cardboard and are protected by shredded cardboard inside the boxes. Our mailing bags are made from recycled plastic which is also compostable. 

Delivering to our Customers

Our preferred method of delivering packages is via Royal Mail. We want to support our local postmen and women who already visit your house almost every day. By doing so we eliminate the need for additional courier journeys, ultimately reducing pollution and delivery miles.

Our Stance on the Use of Plastic

Plastic is an essential packaging material in today’s society and can’t be easily replaced, especially in food and cosmetics due to the relevant safety regulations. We feel that for the immediate future, the focus should be the elimination of single-use plastics where virgin material ends up in landfill. We are doing our small part in creating a cyclical process where ground up plastic pellets from previously used plastic is used to make our Bee Good packaging and we then promote responsible recycling. Glass is of course relatively easy to recycle, but it’s not really suitable for portable items such as lip balms or hand creams etc.

Using PCR greatly reduces the use of virgin plastic altogether, regardless of whether it is manufactured from plants or petroleum. We have also removed complex pumps, lids and other materials that prevent items being easily recycled by consumers.

We are regularly looking into the use of so-called bio-plastics and compostable plastics, but at present in the UK, recycling these items is not yet sustainable on a commercial basis, so we have taken the decision to use the most widely used PET plastics as these make up the bulk of PCR which can be re-made into more tubes and bottles.

For more information on your local recycling facilities across the UK, please go to the Recyclenow website.

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