Our Story


"We are as passionate about protecting our bees as we are about producing great skincare”
Caroline Cavill, Co-founder

Our founders Caroline and Simon Cavill are on a mission. Quite simply to help British bees thrive and survive. Caroline started making honey-based balms, salves and creams at the kitchen table, using ingredients from their own bees. She knew that honey, propolis, and beeswax had been used for thousands of years to heal and protect the skin and she embraced these natural, soothing ingredients to create formulas that benefited even the most sensitive of skin types. Caroline's balms were so popular that they couldn't keep up with demand and so recruited a team to help. 


We now create effective skincare that's also very gentle. We expertly blend our wonderful bee ingredients with naturally active botanicals and wild flower extracts, using the most up to date scientific technology.  Our range is over 98% natural and everything we make uses sustainable ingredients and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

We still harvest a small amount of honey, beeswax, and propolis from our own bees, but we also source these materials from other British bee farmers, most of whom are family-run businesses and are friends of Bee Good. This means we know that our supplies are from sustainable and ethical sources but just as importantly, it allows us to help ensure the survival of Honeybees and the small bee farms that do so much to support them.

"Our roots as beekeepers are so important to us. Everything we do is underpinned by support for our precious bees”
Simon Cavill, Co-founder

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