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Our Story

How it all started

Our founder Caroline Cavill, has always loved bees and the amazing part they play in the bio-culture of our planet. She was also fascinated by the way Honey and Propolis could be used to heal and soothe her sensitive skin. She set about researching recipes from ancient textbooks that harnessed the healing powers of honey, propolis and beeswax to create her first products, using traditional apothecary methods and wildflower honey from her husband's hives.

Caroline sold her skincare to friends and family and at farmers’ markets. They loved her products so much that she struggled to keep up with demand so she and her bee keeper husband Simon, decided to launch Bee Good Skincare.

The Power of Honey, Propolis and Botanicals

Our key ingredients are still Propolis, Honey and Beeswax from our own bee hives. These are blended in our labs with plant extracts and other naturals, known for their remarkable skincare benefits. We use the latest scientific technology to ensure maximum efficacy and to deliver the results our customers want. However Bee Good  skincare is not just very effective but it's also very gentle. Bee ingredients are very tolerant on the skin and are often used for eczema and skin conditions. Our skincare is suitable for almost everyone.


Because we know where all our ingredients come from we know that our supplies are from sustainable and ethical sources but just as importantly, it allows us to help ensure the survival of Honeybees and the small bee farms that do so much to support them. 

Planting Wild Flower Meadows

The easiest thing we can all do to help endangered bees and other pollinators is to plant wild flowers wherever we can. We give away wild-flower seeds with every purchase of our skincare and have so far distributed over 3 million seeds to provide vital forage for our bees. 

"Our roots as beekeepers are so important to us. Everything we do is underpinned by support for our precious bees”
Simon Cavill, Co-founder