Our Story - Bee Good

Our Story

One of the Bee Good WBC hives in our Victorian Apple OrchardA Bee Good hive in our apiary within a Victorian apple orchard

Choosing the right skincare can be complex. Over engineered cosmetics often contain harsh, synthetic ingredients. We wanted a kinder way to care for our skin and the planet? So tech-entrepreneur turned beekeeper Simon Cavill and his wife Caroline, an NHS manager, began to look for a fresh, natural alternative. 

Simon feared that falling bee populations, the key pollinators of food crops, threatened global food supplies. Caroline’s sensitive skin was irritated by the pots and potions she was buying so together they transformed the honey, propolis and beeswax from Simon’s hives, into soothing skincare formulations.

Studying 17th century recipes, Caroline initially created lip balms and hand creams, sold at craft fairs and farmers’ markets. Struggling to meet demand, they then launched commercially, hiring a team to market and distribute an entire line of skincare.

Our aim has always been to stand out from the mass-produced, faceless beauty industry whilst growing our company organically and responsibly. Together our team are making our British skincare brand even more sustainable and all our packaging recyclable. Looking after our environment is at the heart of our values.

A caring company, we stay true to the traditional recipes our loyal customers love, whilst technically innovating. Our feel-good formulas smooth, calm and restore all skin types, naturally healing a host of skin conditions. Without hype or harmful additives, all our honey, propolis and beeswax comes from our own hives and those of our trusted network of British beekeepers, with added extracts from homegrown bee-friendly botanicals. Kind to bees, we take what they don’t need. We guide future generations of bee conservationists, sponsoring schools and donating wild bee hotels.

Being good begins with ourselves. To encourage bees, we include a wildflower seedball with each order. Our beautiful, balanced skincare range is kind to your skin, kind to our bees and kind to the planet.