New to Bee Good

I'm new to the Bee Good skincare range, which products should I use?

We recommend you cleanse and moisturise twice a day to achieve healthy and vibrant skin

1) Cleansing:

Cleansing your skin with a gentle and effective cleanser twice a day is a critical part of any skincare regime. For those of you looking for speed and convenience, we recommend using the Bee Good Honey &Water Mint 3-in1 Cleansing Water to quickly and effortlessly remove makeup, cleanse and tone the skin leaving it refreshed and soothed - no water required!

For those of you who prefer a slightly deeper cleanse, try the Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2-in 1 Cream Cleanser with its pure muslin cloth. When combined with the cloth this creamy formulation will stimulate circulation, remove dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin leaving it dull and de-hydrated, remove all your makeup, and prepare your skin perfectly for your other skincare essentials.


2) Moisturising:

We all know how important water is to our health and wellbeing and it’s essential for our skin that we replace lost hydration and moisture that occurs whilst we’re sleeping as well as whilst we go about our daily lives. Using a good quality moisturiser like Bee Good Honey & Wild Flax Moisturiser for Normal and Combination skins is a must have for rejuvenated, revitalised and hydrated, healthy looking and vibrant skin. Use morning and evening after cleansing.


Are your products tested on animals?

Never. We don't test either our products or ingredients on animals. We prefer instead to only test our products on our friends, family and willing volunteers! The Bee Good range has been approved by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). We comply with the Humane Cosmetics Standard and display the BUAV rabbit logo on all of our products. This is what it looks like:

All Bee Good products are suitable for vegetarians.


Do you use preservatives?

It is vital to us that our products are safe and can be trusted. Many of our formulations are preservative free, however, we do use preservatives when absolutely essential for product safety. Where natural preservatives are not available, we use relatively low concentrations of the highest grade, broad-spectrum preservatives. 

Do your products contain parabens?

None of our products contain parabens.


What is the shelf life of our products?

All products have a shelf life of at least three years if unopened. When opened and used correctly (assuming lids are replaced properly) the shelf life is at least twelve months. Where the shelf life is limited then you will find the PAO (recommended period after opening) symbol on these packs. This is what it looks like:



Where are your ingredients sourced?

All our bee based ingredients are sourced exclusively from the UK, and many of our botanical and plant based ingredients are also sourced in the UK where we are able to work in partnership with farmers and growers to ensure the best quality ingredients go into our formulations. Where it isn’t possible to buy British – eg: Shea Butter we still ensure we have full traceability and always source the most premium quality we can.


What are the specific benefits of bee ingredients?

British Wildflower Honey

For centuries honey has been one of nature's best kept beauty secrets. It has so many skin benefits it’s hard to know where to start! In it’s purest form it’s suitable for all skin types even sensitive and assists with perfecting, cleansing, and protecting the skin. Naturally antibacterial it helps to balance hormonal skin and is full of antioxidants that collectively contribute to the slowing down of skin aging. Importantly, it is a natural humectant so not only does it attract water but it retains it in the skin so that the skin remains supple and elastic. This makes it extremely moisturising, soothing and able to protect against fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.  It really does help to deliver a ‘honey glow’ to your skin!


British Propolis

The word propolis is of Greek origin, stemming from 'pro' meaning 'in defence of' and 'polis' meaning 'city'. As the name suggests, propolis is a product involved in the defence of the bee community and as such, it possesses well known 'healing' and ‘antimicrobial’ properties, which have been used for centuries in medicinal and health-related ways. 

Overall propolis helps in the maintenance of a strong immune system and the body’s resistance to viruses. For the skin this means it’s strong anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties make it one of the best ingredients for balancing problematic skins. It stops bacteria spreading and enhances skin renewal. Rich in vitamins B, C and E it’s a natural skin healer.


British Beeswax

Beeswax is another 'miracle-worker' in nature's arsenal of skincare ingredients. Beeswax is a natural protector. Acting as a surfactant in skincare it creates a barrier on the surface of the skin protecting against bacteria and acting as a natural skin strengthener. It’s perfect when incorporated in products designed to protect against harsh weather such as lip and hand elixirs. When used as an emollient and humectant it will help to soften dry and parched skins. Rich in vitamin A it can support cell rejuvenation and re-hydration.


Are your products suitable for people with nut allergies?

The Bee Good range contains a wide range of botanical and other natural ingredients including nut derivatives such as shea butter. If you have a nut allergy we would recommend that you contact us on to discuss which of our products would be suitable for you, dependent on your allergy.


Sensitive skin & skin conditions

Are your products suitable for eczema and problem skins?    

In creating our Bee Good products we have consciously removed many of the known irritants from our formulations to ensure that they are as gentle and comfortable as possible for sensitive skins. We don't use any parabens, synthetic colours, mineral oil, silicone, SLS or SLES and we use botanical ingredients and plant oils that have a close synergy with the skin. In addition to the combined benefits of natural skin comforters honey, propolis and beeswax, echium oil is unique as it contains nature’s richest source of SDA, a form of anti-inflammatory that is excellent in reducing skin inflammation. Echium and camelina oil (wild flax), rich in Omega 3 are both known to support improvements to certain skin sensitivities. In all cases we highly recommend patch testing before general application, and for anyone suffering from specific skin conditions we suggest you talk to your GP in advance of applying any skincare products to these sensitive areas.


Muslin cloth

Why do I need to use the Muslin Cloth?

The muslin cloth when used in conjunction with our Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser works as a natural exfoliator to help slough away dead skin cells that can make complexions appear dull. Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare routine and should be gentle enough not to irritate even sensitive skins. Our Muslin Cloth is soft enough that you can use it twice a day, every day. It's kind to the skin and leaves you with glowing, naturally fresh looking skin.

How do I wash the Muslin Cloth?

Muslin Cloths can be laundered with your normal white wash. If you have very sensitive skin and find detergent residue irritates, try washing the cloths in soap flakes or boiling them in plain water.



I have oily skin, do I still need to moisturise?

All skin, however oily, needs nurturing with vitamins and essential fatty acids twice a day, morning and night to ensure that it's in the best possible condition. Our Bee Good Honey & Wild Flax Mosturiser is light and non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin.


Does your moisturiser contain an SPF (sun protection factor)?

Our Bee Good Honey & Wild Flax Moisturiser doesn't contain an SPF, so it can be used during the day and at night (as skin doesn't need sun filters at night) and because we believe that you should be reapplying your sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure a constant level of protection from UVB and UVA rays. We recommend that to ensure adequate protection of your skin, you cleanse, moisturize and then apply a suitable SPF product. If you then wish to apply an SPF make up base this will also provide an added suncreeen that can be topped up during the day.



I'm pregnant and worried about using essential oils. Should I stop using the products?

Our skincare products are formulated to be safe to use during pregnancy, however we would suggest that you seek advice from your GP, midwife or a qualified aromatherapist before using the products in our range if you believe that you may respond adversely to products containing essential oils.


Mens skincare

Are your products suitable for men as well as women?

Although men’s skin differs from women’s we all need to maintain the moisturisation and hydration needed for healthy happy skin. Since men tend to have thicker skin, higher levels of collagen, can be more prone to hormonal sebum production leading to increased breakouts and blocked pores and have the added addition of hair growth they need skincare that can address moisture, excess sebum and hydration. Our active British ingredients include Wild Flower Honey – natures’ miracle moisturiser, antibacterial Propolis, repairing and protective Beeswax, as well as deeply hydrating Crambe Oil and GLA rich Borage Oil. This makes our skincare suitable for everyone.


Where are your products made?

All our products are proudly manufactured in Yorkshire, England. 


What is your position on sustainability?

We are extremely proud to source all our bee-based ingredients exclusively from British beekeepers so we able to directly contribute to the sustainability of our precious bees and their environment. We have also taken inspiration from our ancestors by harnessing the centuries old healing powers of bee-based ingredients and combining these with the most beneficial plant based botanicals of today to ensure our products are for everyone and that they are current, gentle, hardworking and pleasurable to use.

Every time you buy a Bee Good product you are actively contributing to the sustainability of British bee farming and since we're passionate about supporting our countryside we’ve also committed to plough back a share of all profits into UK beekeeping causes.


How natural are your products?

Bursting with only the finest ingredients, our products blend ethically sourced, bee-based ingredients with naturally active botanicals and potent plant oils.  

We define ‘natural’ as:

  • A natural substance of botanical, mineral or animal origin (e.g. herbs, roots, essential oils, flowers, bee ingredients), exclusively obtained through physical, microbiological or enzymatic methods
  • Derived from natural origin without the use of synthetic, chemical extraction
  • A natural-identical substance or nature identical preservative or mineral



Natural %

Honey & Propolis 2–in-1 Cleanser (includes cloth) 100ml


Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water 100ml


Honey & Wild Flax Moisturiser 50ml

Normal and Combination skins


Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm 10g


Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream 50ml


Honey, Borage & Echium Intensive Hand Repair 50ml



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