Meet Lara our new beekeeping apprentice!

Lara - Busy in her bee suit!

Meet Lara!


Lara is the newest member of the extended Bee Good family and is the second of our sponsored young apprentice beekeepers. She is a key member of her family business, Brackley Bees based in Northampton. They carefully manage around 1000 hives at apiaries based around the Midlands, and occasionally manage hives as far away as Wales and Essex.

Brackley bees have become our main supplier of honey, beeswax and propolis, working with other bee farmers when required to provide us the ingredients we need as the business outgrew our own bees capabilities several years ago! She has many talents including a degree in Biomedical science and a previous career in the labs at Boots which means she has a huge understanding of the skincare market and the performance of the various ingredients that are used.

You'll hear more from Lara as she has agreed to contribute her expertise by regularly contributing to our blog and we couldn't be happier!

Lara with some of her bees

Lara with some of her bees

Lara and our previously sponsored bee farmer Seb are part of the first generation of new apprentices supported by the Bee Farmer's Association to encourage youngsters into bee farming as a career. Typically, the average age of a bee farmer in the UK is over 60, so successfully engaging youngsters like Lara and Seb into this ancient and important rural industry is crucial to help secure a bright future for our British bees. 

The apprenticeship scheme enables apprentices like Sebastian to remain in, and play a crucially important role in their rural community without having to actually own land themselves. Providing pollination services to local growers and farmers is a proven way to sustainably increase flowering crop harvests and underpins the UK's food security.

Helping young beekeepers at a grass roots level is one of the ways we believe that Bee Good can make the biggest difference.


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