Face Rejuvenator

Use after cleansing, whenever your skin needs an extra boost to target the signs of ageing, refine & improve elasticity.

  • 12 hours
    cocoon the skin under a thin layer of balm overnight (avoiding the eye area) & wake from a beauty sleep like no other
  • 1 hour
    apply a layer of balm all over the skin or wherever your skin needs it to provide a pampering treatment
  • 5 minutes
    use as a flash exfoliator to lift away dead skin cells & revitalize your skin


Scalp Treatment

Use as a scalp mask prior to shampooing to stimulate cell renewal and promote overall skin & hair health.

  • 12 hours
    apply a thin layer to your scalp overnight - wake up to luminous locks
  • 10 minutes
    massage gently into the scalp & leave to exfoliate away dead skin cells. Relax!
  • 5 minutes
    use in conjunction with a hair treatment mask to ensure your scalp & hair follicles shine with good health


Hand Rescue Remedy

Use as quick recovery mask for tired hands, or try overnight and wake up to intensively moisturised hands.

  • 12 hours
    calm & soothe dry patches on the hands by applying a layer of balm under gloves overnight. Pure comfort
  • 10 minutes
    apply to any patch of problematic skin for immediate relief. Leave to work its magic before rinsing away


Cuticle Treatment

Intensely moisturise cuticles for improved nail health and softer skin.

  • 10 minutes
    as a cuticle treatment, massage around the nail and cuticles then remove with warm water, gently pushing back the cuticles with a damp cotton bud


SOS Mask

Use as an intensive treatment mask to cocoon sore, dry or challenged skin on any problem area, including elbows and knees.

  • 10 minutes
    apply sparingly to areas of dry skin and gently remove using a mitt or muslin cloth and warm water

For a more intensive treatment, leave on for longer before rinsing away


Foot Treatment

Give sore or cracked feet some TLC with a softening mask treatment.

  • 12 hours
    for an extra intensive treat for feet leave on overnight with a pair of cotton socks and wake to baby-soft skin
  • 30 minutes
    apply to any areas of dry skin, put your feet up and relax before removing with a muslin cloth and warm water


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