Old Cruelty Free

Bee Good beekeepers inspecting a hive

High quality, natural ingredients are at the heart of our products, sourcing from within the UK wherever possible. 

No animal ingredients

None of our ingredients are derived directly from animals. However, in some of our formulations we use ingredients carefully harvested from animals such as lanolin (from sheep's wool) and of course beeswax, propolis and honey from our small friends. No animals are ever harmed.

All our products are therefore suitable for vegetarians.


Animal testing

We are strongly against animal testing and nothing we produce is tested on animals. We prefer instead to only test our products with our friends, family and willing volunteers. We are pleased to hold the BUAV certification from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. We comply with the Humane Cosmetic Standard and display the BUAV rabbit logo on all our products. This is what it looks like:




Honey, propolis and beeswax are incredible natural preservatives and have been used safely for thousands of years to preserve everything from food to Egyptian mummies! We therefore don't need to use many additional preservatives unless absolutely essential for product safety. When we do we always try to use preservatives from natural sources.