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Bee Good Product Range - Spring 2017 


There are many incredible beauty brands globally and a growing number are instrumental in highlighting and supporting the plight of honeybees. At Bee Good we go one step further by specialising in sourcing our precious bee ingredients from solely British bees, securing their future by investing in two very special relationships.

With British Bee Farmers and Beekeepers
Supporting our bee ingredients directly means we know many of the Bee Farmers and Beekeepers across the UK, and through these relationships and support for the Bee Farmer apprentice scheme we source and sustain an ample supply of miracle skin healing ingredients British honey, beeswax and propolis. This ensures re-investment in an industry worth over £650m to the UK economy annually, and importantly helps to directly protect our precious British bees.


With our customers
An incredibly special relationship is with our Bee Good customers and their skin. For centuries these three staple bee ingredients used across our product range have replenished, enriched and restored skin of all ages, whether challenged, dehydrated, aged or prone to breakout. Today these gentle, incredibly powerful skin rejuvenators, when combined with plant oils and intelligently selected skin technologies, can directly help with combating the effects of pollutants and oxidants, diet and stresses, providing a protective blanket of care and cure.

Anyone concerned about Bee Farming practices in the UK need only take a visit to the acres of wildflower meadow,  the perfect environment for our bees, to hear the contented hum of thousands of female worker bees providing for the hive and our skin. The safety and health of our hives and honeybees is paramount and is the reason why we only use honey, beeswax and propolis in our Bee Good formulations and not Royal Jelly or Bee Venom. Ensuring the ongoing protection of our bees and their precious cargo, without harm, is critical and is at the heart of our principles and philosophy.


The Team

Simon – Bee Expert & Founder

Simon in his Bee-suit"I have an absolute passion for bees and beekeeping and the rest of the Bee Good team assure me I have successfully transmitted the bee bug to them.  Having worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, I started keeping bees in 2002 as an antidote to the hi-tech environment and I still keep my hand in with the technical side of our business. Now much of my time is spent fanatically spreading the love of bees and the need to protect them along with other pollinators and their environment further afield.  This includes working with our Bee Farmer partners, writing articles for several national magazines and blogs for Bee Good, keeping an eye on our bees and tutoring and mentoring for my local association. I’m also a Trustee for the British Beekeeper's Association".


Toni – Sales & Training

Toni Sheppard - Bee Good MD"When I’m not overseeing the day-to-day business and spreading the Bee Good word to customers and business partners alike, I’m answering your varied skincare questions. I’ve been in the beauty industry for far too long to count and have always had one purpose - to find the right solutions for your needs. I’ve had a life-long fascination with bees, having been fortunate enough to attend a primary school in Surrey where the headmaster shared his beekeeping interest with us. Combining beauty and bees is the best thing! I’m also a qualified Reiki Practitioner and rather partial to Montezuma’s Chilli & Lime chocolate".


Becs – Brand & Customer Marketing

Rebecca Nichols - Bee Good Marketing Director"I develop all our wonderful products and market them, working closely with you, our customers, to understand exactly what you’re looking for from your skincare. I talk regularly with bloggers, vloggers, our designers, creative agencies as well as other like-minded brands to spread the Bee Good word. With many years of marketing experience gained in both large and small companies, I left the corporate world after having my son, to pursue my passion for working in natural skincare. In my spare time I love nothing better than going for a run, walking the dog and the sound of buzzing bees in summer!"