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June 27, 2016 0 Comments

Bee Good's Youth Enhancing Range

Wow - it's been almost a year since we launched our Youth Enhancing range and we've had so many lovely reviews and comments that we thought we'd round up just a few of them to share with you.

If you've not yet discovered our Youth Enhancing trio, we developed the range to restore vitality to mature or ageing skin through the combined power of British bee ingredients, British botanicals and skincare innovations. The three products (a serum, facial moisturiser and an eye cream) plump and firm, soften fine lines and wrinkles and brighten dull, tired skin. Sounds interesting? Here's what others have to say:


On our Youth Enhancing Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum:

"Serums help combat UV's damaging effects, and this British bee-friendly brand's option is absolutely bliss to use."

Jo Fairley, author and beauty expert, Waitrose Weekend magazine, June 2016


"Because of the way serums are formulated, they can be packed with actives. What tends to be left out is moisturisation. So there are two reasons we’re keen on this serum, from Bee Good.First off, the price: £25 is pretty good value, serum-wise, for what’s inside: collagen-stimulating peptides, British honey and antioxidant-rich propolis, blackcurrant seed oil (for firming), among other skin-savers. Secondly, importantly, although probably not quite moisturising enough on its own (unless you’ve got really oily skin), it leaves skin feeling pleasantly plumped as well as glow-y and radiant. (Many serums make skin matte and almost dry to the touch, we’ve found.)"

Sarah Stacy & Jo Fairley, BeautyBible.com April 2016


"I’ve used a lot of serums in my time of blogging but never have I used one and had an instant love for it! I think the biggest thing I’ve loved about Bee Good Youth Enhancing Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum is how it performs when I wear it under my foundation though. I have never found a primer that works on my skin and doesn’t make my foundations go patchy and oxidise. This serum literally makes my skin perfect for applying foundation too. My foundation looks better when I wear this primer with ANY of my moisturisers. My skin feels better, its more hydrated, I’ve no dry patches (Especially around my nose) and my foundation lasts longer on my face too!"

Mel from 30SomethingMel.co.uk Nov 2015


On our Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser:

"I've been searching for years for the perfect moisturiser for my oily/combination skin. Now that I'm 35 I stepped up that search, trying both high end and low end products and nothing, absolutely nothing compares to this. It is perfection in a tube. My skin is luminous and plumped. My barely there fine lines are now back to non existent, my pores are smaller and my skin just looks youthful and healthy. What is this magic?! I never write reviews, but I absolutely had to for this. It's just wonderful! I've recommended it to a few girlfriends and they all adore it too"

Zoe, Bee Good customer, May 2016


"This was my favourite item out of this box, and possibly the best thing I have ever got in my glossy box. You can really notice a difference in your skin after a few applications; its soft, its brilliant. And I have just brought a full size bottle!"

Hayley Rose, Glossybox customer


"It smells absolutely divine and it definitely leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth to the touch and it is definitely much plumper, looks much more radiant and no longer looks as though I've not seen daylight for weeks".

Rachel, BeautyQueenUK.co.uk, Jan 2016



On our Lift & Brighten Eye Cream:

"This is my second pack of both the serum and eye cream. Before this I was a huge fan of Liz Earle products but now I am totally converted to Bee Good. I love the results of these products as my skin can be a bit sensitive from time to time but it feels toned and is behaving itself. You should be proud of the products. They smell wonderful and are reasonably priced for premium natural products. They are a delight to use. I highly recommend them".

Irene, Bee Good customer, Feb 2016


"I recently discovered Bee Good’s Youth Enhancing Lift & Brighten Eye Cream and it is safe to say I’m in love with it. My under-eyes have been looking much better since I began using the eye cream, they feel more firm and plumped. It has also helped to reduce my dark circles; they haven’t magically disappeared but they are now less visible. The skin underneath my eyes appears brighter, has made my complexion appear healthier and I do not look as run down as I did before".

Abigail Brown, LatestinBeauty.com, 2015


"After using it for several weeks I've seen the delicate skin around my eyes become firmer, smoother in texture and overall left looking brighter and healthier. My skin feels stronger, firmer and overall in better condition that it has been for quite a while. I don't know if it's because this has such a skin-loving formula, or because I have stuck to using it both morning and night instead of using a specific night eye cream alongside this one in the morning, but whatever it is, it's working".

Sophia, TattooedTealady.com, Dec 2015


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