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How our bees cope with a heatwave!

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How our bees cope with a heatwave! - Bee Good

We are getting used to hotter and hotter weather in the UK and while most of us find it challenging to say cool and hydrated, Honeybees are have no problem at all. In fact they are experts at climate control.

Our bees keep their combs (where they raise their young) at a constant toasty 35C with 80% humidity year-round. The bee's ability to micro-manage their environment is remarkable. On hot days they organise themselves into work parties, fanning their wings to create airflows through the hive, drawing outside air up and over the outer combs and down through the middle of the hive. This moves the moist, warm air from the drying honeycombs down over the brood and then out of the hive. To allow the air to circulate within the crowded hive, many of the workers exit the hive and collect outside of the hive in an action called "bearding".

Honeybees bearding on the outside of a beehive on a hot day

Young worker Honeybees "bearding" on the outside of the hive

To allow the air to circulate within the crowded hive, many of the younger bees walk out of the hive while their older sisters fan the air through the hive until it reaches the correct temperature and humidity.  By dusk, when things have cooled down, all the bees will have moved back inside to get on with their various tasks.

Our beehives are extremely well-insulated, and this greatly helps the bees manage the conditions within the nest in both summer and winter without expending large amounts of energy and food reserves. This ultimately keeps the bees happy and healthy and also increases our potential honey and beeswax harvests each year.

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