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December 05, 2019 0 Comments

Honey really is an unsung hero when it comes to skin. We often overlook natural ingredients that are readily available but the buzz is they’re seriously effective. Honey has long been used as a beauty treatment and was believed to have been part of Cleopatra’s daily beauty ritual! Whether you apply honey directly to the skin as a mask or use it in one of our wonderful products, there’s a whole hive of benefits to be had!  


Firstly, honey has antibacterial properties, making it ideal for acne treatment and prevention. What it does is to boost skin cells healing processes – speeding up healing and reducing inflammation. Some doctors even use raw honey on wounds in clinical settings to help heal them up without infection. 

 Pouring honey outside in the fresh air

Honey boosts the skin cells healing processes


Honey is also full of antioxidants, ideal for combating damage to skin. These are do-gooding compounds that inhibit oxidation and are extremely beneficial in helping minimise signs of wear. Masking your skin with honey – try our NectaPerfecta for example – will neutralise free radicals and keep skin plump, firm and supple. It’s similar to stopping an apple from going brown when you cut into it. 

 Necta Perfect Beauty Mask in a jar, sunflower and scoop of product

NectaPerfecta Enzyme Beauty Mask  


Even if you don’t have specific skin concerns to address, Honey is an amazing all-round multitasker, suitable for all skin types and assists with perfecting, cleansing, and protecting the skin.  With its natural ability to not only attract but also retain moisture, it’s extremely moisturising and soothing - use it every day in a product like our Honey and Wild Flax moisturiser and you will see immediate benefits of radiance and hydration.