Skincare Know How - Surviving Winter

January 07, 2021 3 min read

Skincare Know How - Surviving Winter

With the onset of crisper, frostier mornings, harsher winds and a definite chill in the air, it’s vital that we wrap up warm with protective layers to keep ourselves healthy.

Our skin also needs protection, especially when we're living and working in centrally heated rooms plus our daily walks expose us to the harsh outside elements. Using a moisturiser morning and evening is an essential part of keeping skin healthy, hydrated and comfortable. 

The science bit...

Everyone’s skin has a natural ‘acid mantle’ (also known as the hydro lipid film) that is a protective layer on the surface of the skin. It is made up of a number of naturally occurring acids, water from perspiration in the sweat glands, sebum and other natural moisturising factors. These help to keep the skin balanced, soft and supple, protect against environmental elements and help to provide bacterial protection of the skins natural microbiome. 

Unfortunately the acid mantle is easily damaged by stresses on the skin. These can be everyday pollutants, the sun, heating and air conditioning, the use of harsh detergent products that are high alkaline formulas which can strip the skin. When the protective barrier is damaged or imbalanced it becomes less effective and the skin can often becomes more sensitised. Even washing with overly hot water can affect the skin's delicate balance.

The easiest and best solution is to ensure that you maintain a good protective layer between you and the outside world. 

Our moisturising top tips...

Moisturisersare specifically designed to act as a barrier to environmental stresses and varying climates.

There are so many moisturisers available that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.  When choosing one look for the following: 

  • Go as natural as possible – to help eliminate or reduce known skin sensitisers.
  • Take note of the weather– you may want to use a richer one in autumn / winter and scale it down as we move into spring.
  • Look for enriched ingredients– since water is such a primary element of our skin health, look for moisturisers with humectants (ingredients that draw and lock in water); and specific skin enhancements – eg: those rich in natural vitamins and essential fatty acids.
  • Know your skin– identifying your skin type will help with your moisturiser selection. 
  • Apply a separate sunscreenon top of your daily moisturiser for protection against UVA & UVB rays and oxidation Shen walking outside. We always advise adding an SPF to your regime rather than buying a moisturiser that contains an SPF. This way you ensure that you are regularly topping up your SPF throughout the day.

Bee Good Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser

We have formulated our everyday moisturiser to give just the right balance of ingredients to hydrate and calm normal to combination skins, without overdosing the skin’s acid mantle. It is easily absorbed and is a great base layer for make up.

The active ingredients in our Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiserinclude British wildflower honey which is a natural humectant, British propolis renowned for it’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties, natural source vitamin E to help prevent damage caused by free radicals and British camelina oil (also known as Wild Flax), a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids to protect and nourish the skin.  Beeswax also ensures that moisture is locked into the skin whilst still allowing it to breathe.


Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser

If you are looking for increased hydration and would like to dial up your skincare to address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm and plump the skin and add luminosity, our Replenish and Treat range delivers just that.

Our Plump & Firm Moisturiser includes wonder ingredients from the British beehive, combined with anti-inflammatory Raspberry seed oil and Blackcurrant oil, super-rich in essential fatty acids, plus hyaluronic acid which helps to maintain over 1000 times its weight in water in the skins cells. 

Try A Facial Oil

To deliver a really powerful dose of rehydration when your skin feels very dry, or dull, nothing beats a facial oil. Massage a few drops into clean skin morning and night. The massage routine also helps improve the blood circulation delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin and draining away excess toxins.

Our Replenishing Facial Oilcontains natural peptides from Lunaria and seed oils that help strengthen and protect the skin. 

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