Blogger Spotlight with our guest - Rougepout

February 03, 2016 0 Comments



Blogger Spotlight - Rougepout

  1. What gave you the inspiration to start your blog? 

After working as a consultant and makeup artist for Yves Saint Laurent, I missed the beauty chatter when I left. I needed an outlet to share my experience and love of makeup, skincare and red lipstick. Having always had a love of writing, blogging was the ideal option. It gave me the confidence to take it further and develop my  also. 


  1. What has been your favourite product from the Bee Good range? 

Without a doubt the Honey and Propolis 2 in 1 Cream Cleanser, such a luxuriously textured product, that makes cleansing a treat, my skin loves it. 


  1. What is your top tip for winter skin?

My top tip is to apply a facial serum or oil and then apply a facial mask over the top, do not remove it but sleep in it all night. It’s a great way to give skin a super facial treat and lock products onto the skin. 


  1. What would be your favourite beauty product of all time?

Can I pick two favourites? For skincare it would be cream, balm or oil cleansers, essential to keep skin in super condition. 
For makeup it has to be red lipstick - a blue/red tone, that’s my idea of lipstick heaven. I’m not called Rougepout for nothing! 


  1. What is your New Year Skincare resolution?

I’m not a resolution maker really, but this year I have promised my hands that they will be taken care of. I neglect them so badly, so its hand serums and creams in the hope I can rectify the years of neglect.


  1. What would you like to see in the Bee Good range next? 

As a cleanser obsessive, I would love to see a Bee Good cleansing balm with a flannel covered with embroidered bees - not asking much!
A facial oil would be great, you have a great facial serum, so oils would be another great option.