Blogger Spotlight: Tea Party Beauty

March 18, 2015

What gave you the inspiration to start your blog?

I had read blogs for a few years and whilst studying for my Teach English as a Foreign Language course I thought it would be a great way to improve my writing and grammar (I am still working on that!).

I also used to be a beauty and holistic therapist so I have always had an interest in beauty. It made sense for me to write about that as it’s a subject I thought I could actually add something to and had knowledge of.

It really surprised me that people wanted to read it, and it still does surprise me, as I see it as a place for me to just ramble on and to stop me from watching the telly.

I couldn’t see myself not blogging now, no matter how much of my spare time it takes up, it’s just too fun to stop.

What are your top 3 desert island beauty products?

Now this one is a toughie, but as I would be in the sun my skin would be looking better so there would be no need for concealer/foundations, but I would certainly need:

  • A good Sun Cream as I am rather pale
  • My Bee Good Lip Balm as it goes everywhere with me
  • A Berry Lipstick as even if I am stranded on a desert island I want to be able to turn on the glam if needed.

What has been your favourite product from the Bee Good range?

It has to be the Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser as it’s such beautiful and gentle cleanser that offers a really deep clean.

I would also have to cheat and pick the Honey & Vanilla Lip Balm as it’s my most used: it’s been to Spain, Mexico and everywhere in between with me as it leaves my lips feeling so soft.

What is a typical day in the life of Tea Party Beauty?

A week day mostly involves me dragging myself out of bed early in order to make myself look human enough to face the office, then after work it’s either meeting friends for a natter or going home to curl up with a good book - pretty boring really.

On weekends I tend to spend Saturday day times taking blog photos and planning posts for the week. 

More recently I have decided to do a "30-before-30" bucket list so I have been planning lots of trips and trying my hardest to get items ticked off. I really should have chosen some easier things to do!

Describe your ideal Bee Good product.

I would love to see a soothing Bee Good face mask. The current skin care products are amazing and I think they would make a brilliant mask to really complement the other products in the range. Plus I would love a beautifully honey scented mask for my Sunday pamper sessions.

What is your favourite part about being a beauty blogger?

It’s definitely the people, whether that’s other bloggers, readers or the companies and people I get to work with - they are all so lovely and always willing to help if they can.

I have been incredibly lucky that I have found a group of round 8 other bloggers who I can call my close friends and have even been on weekends away with.

Plus, having so many lovely local bloggers near me means I always have a gin buddy on hand to chat lipsticks with.

What is your top tip for winter skin?

Taking care of your hands with a really nourishing hand cream. As well as our face, our hands are also exposed to the harsh wintry weather but we don’t tend to pamper them as much or change up our hand care routine.

I tend to exfoliate my hands more in the winter and also apply a lot more hand cream as the weather really plays havoc with them.


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