6 Top Tips for Revitalised New Year Skin

January 07, 2015


 Happy New Year from the team at Bee Good!

T’was the season to be jolly.... and now it’s time for new year resolutions - and our favourite here at Bee Good - "thou shalt cleanse...your spirit, your body and most importantly your face!"

If like many of us you have let your skincare regime falter slightly in favour of festive frivolities, late nights, dare we say the odd evening of sleeping in your make-up (yes, it happens!) or staying away with friends and relatives without your full skincare essentials with you, then today is the perfect day to get back to basics.

‘To cleanse is to be cleansed’ and it really is at the heart of achieving healthy happy skin in 2015. If you’re suffering from any type of skin breakout, or your skin's looking lacklustre, dull or tired it’s time to invest in a good effective cleanser.

There are many on the market and each is designed to suit different skin types and preferences. We think it's important to fit your skincare routine around the particular needs of your skin. 

New Year New You:

1. Clean up your act

Have a really good blitz of your make up bag and get rid of any old accessories and brushes that could well be harbouring germs as well as any tired face products.

Have a clean sweep by thoroughly cleansing all your applicators – there are some great products on the market. Or invest in a few new essential tools to ensure that your make up bag is as pristine as your freshly cleansed ‘canvas’.
2. Invest in a facial

If you have any Christmas monies left over and are wondering how to spend them – instead of rushing for the nearest high street bargain think about investing in a 30 minute facial to kick start the year.

You don’t need to spend hours in a spa or spend a huge amount of money on a treatment – there are lots of 30 minute taster facials available that will benefit your skin for months to come and that precious "me time" will leave you feeling great too.

3. Hydrate & moisturise 

We keep saying it but there really is nothing better for achieving glowing skin than a combination of a good moisturiser and plenty of water. It’s not just your skin on your face that benefits too.

Hydrating your body with regular intakes of water and applying a nourishing body lotion, the application of a good hand cream after washing your hands, regularly rejuvenating your boot clad feet, and applying a generous amount of lip balm will pay dividends when spring emerges.

4. Exercise

Not only good for your overall morale, health and weight control, exercise also stimulates sluggish circulation and gets the skin breathing and working as it should. It doesn’t have to be about pounding away on the treadmill at the gym or running a marathon.

Regular walks in the fresh air – with a barrier of moisturiser protection, and a layer of SPF on top - is the perfect antidote to alcohol and rich foods.

5. Smile

Ok so it’s January – but that doesn’t mean you have to have the blues! Don’t they say that a smile is the shortest distance between 2 people?

Plus.... did you know that it takes 12 muscles to smile and 11 to frown – that 1 extra muscle work out will definitely prevent those extra lines!!

6. Know your skin!

One of the best first steps towards rejuvenating your skin, is to really know your skin. Here at Bee Good, we identify 4 main skin types: Dry, Oily, Sensitive and Normal. Why don't you take the test to find out what you are, and how you can adapt your routine accordingly?



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