Bee Good Blogger Spotlight. Amy Keeling - A Little Boat Sailing

December 15, 2014

A Little Boat Sailing Blog

This is another in our series of guest blogs where we interview some of the leading UK beauty bloggers. This time, we welcome Amy to the Bee Good colony.  She runs a lovely blog called A Little Boat Sailing which is hugely popular site. 


What gave you the inspiration to start your blog?

My inspiration to start my blog was born purely from reading one or two other blogs when researching a product I was thinking of buying at the time. Seeing people write and share their thoughts about beauty products which are a huge interest of mine really made me want to do something similar. Ever since I started my blog back in March 2012 I've developed a new set of skills that I never knew I had, as well as this I've met some really lovely people which has made the experience truly wonderful.

What is your top winter skincare tip? 

My top winter skincare tip would be to keep your skin (not just your face) hydrated. There is nothing worse than having dry lips in my opinion as they can become so sore! It's definitely worth keeping up with the fluid intake, moisturising your body and face and keeping a good lip balm to hand.

What has been your favourite Bee Good product so far? 

My favourite Bee Good product so far has to be the Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser. This smells beautiful and works very well in taking off my make up as well as being used as a more hydrating cleanse.

What would you like to see in the Bee Good range next? 

For me I'd like to see a stick form lip balm with perhaps a hint of colour to them. Tinted lip balms are some of my favourite products to use as they hydrate your lips and provide a hint of colour too, they make a great product to keep in your handbag.

What is your New Year Skincare resolution?

This year whilst I do think I'm relatively good at looking after my skin I do think that I'd like to encourage a much better night sleep. Not receiving enough sleep at night time can have a huge impact not just on our physical well-being and productivity but also on our skin too.


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