Award winning honey!

September 13, 2013 0 Comments

Each year our local beekeeping group at Fleet Beekeepers, like most  beekeeping associations across the UK hold an annual honey show where members enter their harvested honey and beeswax into various classes. These events, although small are taken very seriously and there's no harder judge than a fellow beekeeper.

20130913-155155.jpgWe entered some of our honey into both the light and dark/medium honey classes as well as some of our home-made beeswax candles. We were under no illusion as to how tough the competition is as in some cases we were up against beekeepers with 50 years experience of harvesting and showing honey.

It was brilliant to come away with a First Prize and "Best in Show" for our light honey and a third prize for our dark honey and a second for our candles.