10th July is don't step on a bee day...

July 08, 2016 0 Comments

Sunday the10th July unites the nation for National Don’t Step on a Bee Day! As ever we're calling for your help to protect our precious bees.

Bee Good's Dont step on a Bee day

The recent press surrounding the ‘Bee Crisis’ has been hard to ignore. Not only do our bees help provide the honey, propolis and beeswax contained within your favourite Bee Good products, they also help to keep us all fed and watered!

Without the tireless work of our little buzzing friends, over a third of everything we eat would disappear from our tables.


What can you do?

This Don’t Step on a Bee Day, we urge you to help spread the message! We would love it if you could share the message with your friends and colleagues on Facebook or Twitter and tag @BeeGood_UK or use #DontStepOnABeeDay to help raise awareness!

Please see below for our Top 5 Bee Care Tips to give you inspiration for Don’t Step on a Bee Day:

1. Don’t step on a bee! (Of course) 


2. Buy British! The majority of our honey here in the UK is imported, but with the wealth of beekeepers on our doorstep across the country there is really no need. Support your local beekeeper by visiting a near-by farm shop or deli and enjoy their precious produce for breakfast on some warm buttered toast - yum!


3. Plant Seedballs! We send a Seedball containing 100 bee-friendly seeds with every Bee Good order placed on beegood.co.uk – it couldn’t be easier! Simply scatter your Seedball containing wildflower seeds, clay, compost & chilli powder in your garden, allotment, flower pot or window box to create dozens of attractive, bee-friendly blooms. 


4. Build a bee hotel! Did you know that bees need somewhere to rest when they venture out on their pollen mission? Get the kids involved and get building! Find out more from Friends of the Earth


5. Become a Friend of the Honeybee! If you want to help the honeybees but don’t have the space or time, you can support the British beekeepers Association in their efforts to promote bees and beekeeping. Joining the scheme gives you.
  • Your our own Beattie Bee Enamel Pin Badge
  • Beattie Bee Window Sticker for your home or car
  • Packet of Bee-Friendly Seeds to sow in your garden
  • A special Nectar Gardening Guide showing how to grow and maintain a bee- friendly garden
  • Four issues a year of The Pollinator, the BBKA Friends’ newsletter, with updates on how their campaign is progressing and practical hints and tips on helping the honey bee all year round
All this for just £20 per year or join as a Family for just £25.00!