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Transitioning Your Skincare from Summer to Autumn

Transitioning Your Skincare from Summer to Autumn

Autumn Skincare Tips from Bee Good

As we see the last few weeks of summer, Autumn is very much in the air. Your skin will notice the change so here’re some tips for keeping your skin glowing during Autumn.

As with every change of season, our routines change as well, and that includes skincare to cope with the change in weather and temperature.

The end of summer often sees skin dehydrated and suffering the lasting effects of sun exposure. It can often feel dry and patchy as the last of the tan fades. And, as the central heating comes on in your home, the dehydration gets worse. Just try leaving a moistened tissue near a radiator to see how quickly it dries out, and then imagine your skin reacting in the same way.

Here are a few suggestions to keep your skin hydrated and glowing well into the Autumn days ahead.

Switch up your cleanser

If you’ve never tried a cream cleanser or balm, now is the time to give one a go. The benefits of using this type of cleansing product are two-fold. The skin is left super-clean, but also super soft and not dried out at all. Make-up is thoroughly dissolved and pores are swept clean.

Massage the cleanser well in and remove with a muslin cloth or tissue. There’s no need for a toner unless your skin is usually oily.

Try our Honey and Propolis Cream Cleanser

Fall in love with a daily facial massage

Spending just a minute or two a day massaging your skin with a facial oil it not only fabulously beneficial for your complexion, but it’s deeply relaxing too.

Using firm upward strokes all over the face and throat will encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage giving the skin cells a rush of oxygen and nutrients as well as clearing away toxins and dead cells.  This will keep you glowing well into the winter months.

Try our Replenishing Facial Oil with Lunaria and meadow Flower


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