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Replenishing Winter Skin with Masks

Replenishing Winter Skin with Masks

facial masks for winter skincare

With the excess of Christmas behind us and the brand new year ahead, we’re looking at how to treat and replenish our winter skin with masks.

There’s no doubt that masks have become a key part of many women’s beauty routines in recent years – for instance, did you know that masking was the most Googled beauty trend to date in 2017? It’s no surprise given the impact that a great mask can have on the skin – face masks can have both an immediate visible boosting effect and deliver longer-term benefits too. If you’ve got half an hour spare to fix your skin, you can’t get better than a good masking treatment.

One really effective way to use masks is multi-masking. Instead of applying one face mask over the entirety of your face, you apply multiple face masks depending on the individual skincare concerns you want to address. For example, you may be dry around your eyes and forehead, but blemish-prone on your nose so you can use different masks on these different areas. If this seems like too much effort, a good enzyme mask which is gentle enough to use on the entire face might be a better choice.

Enzyme masks offer a gentler way of exfoliating than manual scrubs or microdermabrasion and will not agitate or damage the skin. Skin experts recommend using an exfoliating mask before slathering on a moisturiser. The Bee Good NectaPerfecta enzyme mask is perfect for mild exfoliation, gobbling up dead skin cells and revealing fresher radiant skin underneath.

Always make sure your face is squeaky clean before applying a mask. The very best time for masking is after a shower in the morning or evening, because the steam helps loosen anything that is clogging pores. Masking after a shower will also help trap and retain moisture if you have dry skin.

After you’ve masked, rinse off any residue and rub your face well, massaging will aid blood circulation and absorption. End your ritual with a gentle and light layer of your favourite moisturiser.


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