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Lunaria, The New Miracle Oil

Lunaria, The New Miracle Oil

Bee Good Facial Oil with Lunaria

Every now and then an ingredient comes along that offers so many skin benefits it’s hard to understand why it’s not really been used much in skincare before. Lunaria Annua is one such ingredient.

Lunaria is also known as the Honesty plant. You may recognise the pretty disc-shaped seed pods that look like translucent pennies, more than the lovely purple flowers it produces. The seeds in these paper-thin discs are where the goodness lies.

The oil from these tiny seeds is rich in important fatty acids, and natural peptides which help to improve the skin’s barrier, retaining moisture and improving elasticity and firmness. The oil soaks in quickly and you can feel it rehydrating and smoothing as you massage it in.

Recent scientific studies showed that when using Lunaria the skin barrier was maintained against water loss and that hydration was increased dramatically after 2 hours and this lasted for almost 24 hours (Corneometer). Volunteers stated that it helped smooth fine lines as well as forehead and Crow’s Feet lines.

When I first tried Lunaria Oil I was blown away, not just by the silky texture which soaked in so fast, but by just how long my skin stayed hydrated even in the dry heat of summer. It has such a luxurious feel on the skin and that combined with the act of massaging it in, really does bring a bloom to the complexion.

This impressive ingredient is grown in Lincolnshire in the UK, where it’s also harvested and the oil cold-pressed to keep its integrity. Bees love Lunaria and the flowers are grown around active hives At Bee Good we use Lunaria oil in our Replenishing Facial Oil where it’s combined with other English meadow flower oils and Rose Geranium to nourish and smooth the skin.


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