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Kiss goodbye to an addiction you didn’t even know you had!

Kiss goodbye to an addiction you didn’t even know you had!

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Ever wondered why you’re constantly making a grab for your lip balm and you find yourself stashing spare ones everywhere – in pockets, handbags, desk drawers, your car, your gym bag? It’s quite possible that your favourite lip balm is actually creating an addiction you didn’t even know you had!

Take a look at the key ingredients. If your lip balm contains a high percentage of petrochemical ingredients (appearing at the top of the ingredients list and including petrolatum and petroleum or petroleum jelly) there’s every chance they are feeding your ‘addiction’.

Derivatives of the oil-refining process (petroleum) in their raw state are unsustainable and non-eco-friendly. When used most commonly in cosmetics they are hailed for ‘curing’ dehydrated and flaky skin. However, whilst they are undoubtedly effective skin barriers, petroleums also create the illusion of moisturised, hydrated skin.

They are highly effective barriers as they are water repellent rather than water soluble so they seal the skin ensuring moisture does not leave it. This in turn prevents the skin from breathing as it should and therefore drying surface pores by keeping out air and moisture. Since there is then no natural method for the skin to breathe, and also a high potential for our natural collagen to gradually break down, the ‘addiction’ begins.

As our lips dry out we re-apply, again and again.

Want to kiss goodbye to this addiction?

Reach instead for a lip balm that offers an equally super-effective, natural skin barrier using alternative natural products, such as beeswax, cocoa or shea butter. At Bee Good we blend this trio of skin barriers with three reparative plant oils – Echium (protecting), Borage (strengthening) and Crambe (nourishing) – and the natural humectant properties of honey (attracting water and locking it in) to restore chapped and dry lips whilst still allowing the skin to function normally.

Kick your addiction to petrochemical skin suffocators and create a healthy new habit with our skin-friendly trio of lip balms.


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