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How To Beat Lockdown Skin

How To Beat Lockdown Skin

We’ve all been spending so much time at home recently and the last lockdown meant we were actually confined to the house as opposed to the garden or park, where at least we could get fresh air and sunshine.

I have certainly noticed a difference in my skin with being confined to quarters. It is so much drier than usual which is probably due to central heating and the dehydrating air it gives off.

Unfortunately, dry skin reflects far less light than correctly hydrated skin. The cells become rough and uneven which tends to absorb light and make it look patchy and dare I say, older. Meetings on Zoom or Skype in artificial light can make things look even worse!

I’ve found Facial Oil to be the best cure for my dry skin and use it every night to rehydrate. I also use it in the morning and If I’m wearing foundation, I sometimes mix in a drop to keep it as sheer and hydrating as possible.

One of the best things you can do for a quick fix is your own 2-minute facial massage routine with a facial oil. This pushes oxygen and nutrients to your cells and re-energises the complexion. Bee Good Replenishing Facial Oil contains really nourishing natural oils from the Lunaria plant as well as protective seed oils. It also contains Rose Geranium Essential Oil, which is balancing and believed to help with stress, depression and anxiety, so it gives an added boost to your mental health as well.

Drink plenty of water or fruit tea to stay rehydrated from the inside out. Try to get out for a daily walk and some fresh air and cut down the carbs as they can cause inflation in the cells and overload us with sugars.

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