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Bathing For Health and Wellness

Bathing For Health and Wellness

honey for bath salts

We all know that a warm, fragrant bath can help us relax but did you know that bathing in mineral-rich salts has many other therapeutic benefits?

Health-promoting mineral salts soothe the muscles, hydrate the skin and detoxify the body. The trace minerals such as magnesium found in these salts are necessary for our health and can actually be drawn into the bloodstream during a warm bath. This can help to balance out the entire body. Bee Good bath soaks also contain honey to soften the skin and colloidal oats to soothe and calm dryness and irritation as well as essential oils of Geranium and Rose to balance and calm the emotions and to lift the spirits.

Moisturises the skin

Soaking in mineral salts even just once a week for 20 minutes can improve the skin’s barrier function, hydrating it, and even decrease inflammation. It’s even believed that people suffering from skin issues, such as psoriasis or eczema, can relieve their symptoms with regular salt bathing. The minerals also work to promote healthier, glowing skin by purging impurities and balancing moisture levels.

Decreases stress and improve sleep

Spending 20 minutes soaking in a warm bath can help to increase our circulation, which in turn works to further relax our internal systems. Bath salts help to eliminate stress, and soothe our muscular systems to help in both mental and physical rejuvenation. A warm bath is perfect to release tension and reduce anxiety and help us sleep better.

Wellness and healing

Studies show that regular salt soaks can work to promote our biological and cellular functions by replenishing the body’s electrolytes, helping to improve our overall immunity and balance our alkaline and acid levels. They also help to remove toxins from the bloodstream, with their intensive detoxification properties and are believed to help regulate blood sugar, improve cardiovascular health, and boost circulatory and nerve function.


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