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Bee Good Customer Survey 2023

Bee Good Customer Survey 2023

2023 Bee Good Customer Survey

In January 2023, we ran a customer survey to understand more about the people who buy our products, why they do, and how we could improve.

The questions were left open, but some were restricted in answer selection choice to establish groups of answer. We also had additional feedback, some great, some good, and some with challenges on how we could improve.

In line with how we aspire to operate, here are the results with a summary page at the end. The sample size is 250 people from our mailing database.


This survey was designed to understand more about the people who buy our products. As such, the data is skewed towards that specific demographic in terms of the answers beyond those facts.

Some of the questions were leading inasmuch as we needed to categorise the answers. Rightly, a couple of people pointed this out and refused to answer the packaging question. This question was more for us to understand attitudes.

Our Highlights within the results:

  • 39.6% of people say natural ingredients drive why they buy beauty products, slightly more important than the effectiveness of the product at 37.6%.
  • Nearly a quarter of people who responded do not use social media.
  • 83% of people said they would pay more for better, sustainable packaging.
    • We had many notes from people about packaging – EG. Making it easier to get the product out of tubes, less plastic, refill options (without pumps), and less non-necessary packaging.
    • We will evolve our packaging solutions as we run down existing stock levels. These were created in bulk using recyclable plastic materials that were key at the time of manufacture.


The feedback from this survey has been incredibly useful as we drive our business forward. We are not a large company and like many small businesses, we run leanly. That said, we are committed to creating effective and ethical products that use natural ingredients in the best way possible for our planet.

This does not include maximising profit at all costs. We look where we can to leverage our position for better practices and to become more sustainable.

If you are a small skincare company like us, or indeed any consumer business large or small, please feel free to use our findings to help drive your business in a sustainable way.

You can download the survey as a PDF here.


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